Robotpumps BD / BNP technical information

This Robot pump goes even further than the RW / BWP type. This pump is made of a wear-resistant material, namely Nihard. This makes it possible to transport clog-free fixed parts with this pump that are abrasive and would suffer high wear on a cast-iron pump. This pump is also reflected in demanding applications in the concrete and dredging industry. For small capacities there are two short coupled types, for use in mainly heavy areas this pump is long coupled available.  

This non-clog design with the recessed powerfull vortex impeller, leaves a wide range of solids passage the volute. Closed bearings greased for life, 2 independent mechanical seals for dry running, external oil tank. Flexibel coupling with spacer to allow back pull out.

Material: Nihard
Capacity: 20 tot 400 m3/h
robotpompen bd bnpHeight: max. 30 mvk.

Robot pumps BD 50Hz
Robot pumps BD 60Hz
Robot pump BD manual

DataSheets of each pump type with extensive technical information, such as curve, dimensional drawing and further
details of te BD / BNP models, in the most commonly used versions.

Robotpumps BD / BNP
small - medium types
Robotpumps BD / BNP
medium types
Robotpumps BD / BNP
large types
BD2021 / BNP22-21 BD4021 / BNP42-21 BD6040 / BNP62-40
BD2022 / BNP22-22 BD4022 / BNP42-22  
  BD4030 / BNP42-30  
  BD4041 / BNP42-41