Robotpumps RW / DWP technical information

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The Robot RW / DWP submersible pump is equipped with a vortex impeller. This is the principle of a centrifugal pump where the impeller rotates in the rear of the pump housing, free from the suction plate and hydraulics. Three more names have been used for this principle, this is the whirlwheel pump, whirlwheel impeller pump, pump with free-flow impeller or pump with retracted impeller. The DWP is available in a large number of models in various designs and configurations. These pumps are also been sold in the UK as Svedala.

The pumps are available in material cast iron, 316 stainless steel and Duplex. Various e-motor options available, such as cooling jacket, protectors or Atex. Installation freestanding with tule or thread connection, or with duck foot bend and guide rail system.
Material: Cast iron, Stainless Steel
: 5 to 300 m3/h
Head: up to 100 mvk. 

Robot pump RW brochure
Robot pump RW stainless brochure

DataSheets of each pump type with extensive technical information, such as curve, dimensional drawing and further
details of te Robot RW / DWP models, in the most commonly used versions + options. 

Robotpump model RW / DWP
small - medium types
Robotpump model RW / DWP medium types Robotpump model RW / DWP
large types
RW2110BB / DWP22-10BB RW4020BJ / DWP42-20BJ RW6062LI / DWP62-60LI
RW2110BD / DWP22-10BD RW4020BR / DWP42-20BR RW6062LL / DWP62-60LL
RW2110BE / DWP22-10BE RW4020BZ / DWP42-20BZ RW6062NE / DWP62-60NE
RW2110BH / DWP22-10BH RW4020DJ / DWP42-20DJ RW6062NG / DWP62-60NG
RW2110DA / DWP22-10DA RW4021BJ / DWP42-21BJ RW6111JG / DWP62-11JG
RW2112DC / DWP22-12DC RW4021BR / DWP42-21BR RW6111JL / DWP62-11JL
RW2112DD / DWP22-12DD RW4021BZ / DWP42-21BZ RW6111LD / DWP62-11LD
RW2120BB / DWP22-20BB RW4030DJ / DWP42-30DJ RW6130JE / DWP62-30JE
RW2120BD / DWP22-20BD RW4030DL / DWP42-30DL RW6130JG / DWP62-30JG
RW2120BE / DWP22-20BE RW4030DO / DWP42-30DO RW6130JL / DWP62-30JL
RW2120BH / DWP22-20BH RW4032BJ / DWP42-32BJ RW6132JG / DWP62-32JG
RW2120DA / DWP22-20DA RW4032BR / DWP42-32BR RW6132JL / DWP62-32JL
RW2122DC / DWP22-22DC RW4032BZ / DWP42-32BZ RW6141FR / DWP62-41FR
RW2122DD / DWP22-22DD RW4033BZ / DWP42-33BZ RW6141LD / DWP62-41LD
RW2122DG / DWP22-22DG RW4040DJ / DWP42-40DJ RW6141LF / DWP62-41LF
RW2130DC / DWP22-30DC RW4040DL / DWP42-40DL RW6141LI / DWP62-41LI
RW2130DD / DWP22-30DD RW4041DL / DWP42-41DL RW6141LL / DWP62-41LL
RW2130DG / DWP22-30DG RW4041DO / DWP42-41DO RW6162LI / DWP62-60LI
RW2131DG / DWP22-31DG RW4041DU / DWP42-41DU RW6162LL / DWP62-60LL
RW2140DC / DWP22-40DC RW4041DZ / DWP42-41DZ RW6162NE / DWP62-60NE 
RW2140DD / DWP22-40DD RW4043FE / DWP42-43FE RW6162NG / DWP62-60NG 
RW2140DG / DWP22-40DG