Robotpumps RT / DTP technical information

robotpompen jla
This Robot RT / DTP subemersible centrifugal pump with specially shaped screw impeller has a very good treatment of waste water with a lot of contamination. because there is a casing around the screw impeller, there is no dirt accumulation between impeller and suction cone / suction plate. Due to this construction, the pump has a good efficiency with a large dirt passage. This Robot pump is equipped with a high duty motor and double mechanical seal mounted in an oil-lubricated seal housing.These pumps are also been sold in the UK as Svedala.

e-motor options available, such as cooling jacket, protectors or Atex.
Installation freestanding 
with tule or thread connection, or with duck foot bend
and guide rail system.
robotpompen rt dtpMaterial: Cast iron
: 5 to 750 m3/h
Head: up to 50 mvk. 

Robotpumps RT brochure 50Hz
Robotpumps RT brochure 60Hz

DataSheets of each pump type with extensive technical information, such as curve, dimensional drawing and further
details of te Robot RT / DTP models, in the most commonly used versions + options. 

Robotpumps RT / DTP
small - medium types
Robotpumps RT / DTP
medium types
Robotpumps RT / DTP
large types
RT2020DD / DTP22-30DD RT4030DJ / DTP42-30DJ RT4042DU / DTP42-41DU
RT2030DG / DTP22-30DG RT4030DL / DTP42-30DL RT4042DZ / DTP42-41DZ
  RT4030FE / DTP42-30FE RT4042FH / DTP42-41FH
  RT4040DJ / DTP42-40DJ RT6040LD / DTP62-40LD
  RT4040DL / DTP42-40DL RT6040LF / DTP62-40LF
  RT4040DO / DTP42-40DO RT6050FR / DTP62-50FR
  RT4040DU / DTP42-40DU RT6050FZ / DTP62-50FZ
  RT4040DZ / DTP42-40DZ RT6050LF / DTP62-50LF
  RT4040FE / DTP42-40FE RT6050LI / DTP62-50LI
  RT4040FH / DTP42-40FH RT6050LL / DTP62-50LL
    RT6140FR / DTP62-40FR
    RT8040LY / DTP82-40LY
    RT8040NO / DTP82-40NO
    RT8040PG / DTP82-40PG
    RT8040PM / DTP82-40PM