Robotpumps RD / DNP technical information

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This RD / DNP Robot pump is the RW / DWP look alike, but is made in wear-resistant Nihard material. The generally hard and abrasive components such as; for example, sand, pebbles, stones and other non-definable particles used in the industry, suspended in water is simply pumping for this subemersible RD / DNP. To keep the solid parts in motion at the suction side, it can also be supplied with a turret head, which creates an opposite flow so that it remains in suspension. These pumps are also been sold in the UK as Svedala.

e-motor options available, such as cooling jacket, protectorsor Atex.
Installation freestanding 
with tule or thread connection, or with duck foot bend
and guide rail system.
robotpumps rd dnpMaterial: NiHardl
: 5 to 450 m3/h
Head: up to 35 mvk. 

Robotpumps RD brochure
Robot pump brochure

DataSheets of each pump type with extensive technical information, such as curve, dimensional drawing and further
details of te Robot RD / DNP models, in the most commonly used versions + options. 

Robotpumps RD / DNP
small - medium types
Robotpumps RD / DNP
medium types
Robotpumps RD / DNP
large types
RD2110BB / DNP22-10BB RD4021BJ / DNP42-21BJ RD6140LF / DNP62-40LF
RD2110BE / DNP22-10BE RD4021BR / DNP42-21BR RD6140LI / DNP62-40LI
RD2110BH / DNP22-10BH RD4030DJ / DNP42-30DJ RD6140LL / BWP62-40LL
RD2110DA / DNP22-10DA RD4030DO / DNP42-30DO RD6141LF / DNP62-41LF
RD2110DC / DNP22-10DC RD4031DJ / DNP42-31DJ RD6141LI / DNP62-41LI 
RD2122DC / DNP22-22DC RD4031DO / DNP42-31DO RD6141LL / DNP62-41LL 
RD2122DD / DNP22-20DD RD4041DZ / DNP42-41DZ RD6142LF / DNP62-42LF
RD2122DG / DNP22-20DG RD4042DZ / DNP42-42DZ RD6142LI / DNP62-42LI
RD2130DG / DNP22-30DG  RD4043DZ / DNP42-43DZ RD6242LL / DNP62-41LL