Landustrie model DNP

Landustrie pompproductie sneek
The vortex principle DWP look alike is also applicable in a wear-resistant Nihard version. The generally hard and abrasive components such as; for example, sand, pebbles, stones and other non-definable particles used in the industry, suspended in water is simply pumping for this subemersible DNP. To keep the solid parts in motion at the suction side, it can also be supplied with a turret head, which creates an opposite flow so that it remains in suspension.

Material: NiHard
Capacity: 5 tot 450 m3/h
Head: max. 35 mvk.
Landustrie DNP slijtvaste dompelpomp

  Landustrie info Vortex pumps 620 kB 
  Landustrie info submersible pumps 716 kB 
  Landustrie setup submersible pumps 689 kB 
  Datasheets DNP22-10BB tm DNP22-30DG 1.621 kB 
  Datasheets DNP42-21BJ tm DNP42-43DZ 1.609 kB 
  Datasheets DNP62-40LF tm DNP62-42LL 1.453 kB 
  Landustrie DNP Manual 1.686 kB