Landustrie model DWP-U

Landustrie pompproductie sneek
This vortex principle has the great advantage that only a part of the liquid and possibly solid parts comes into contact with the impeller, furthermore it is less susceptible to cavitation and can be optimally balanced, which is good for the bearing. The Landustrie DWP-U has the same properties as the cast-iron DWP, but the DWP-U is entirely manufactured in Duplex, which ensures a very good chemical resistance. Duplex is a austenitic Stainless Steel familair with 316 but with a higher content of chromium. 

Material: RVS316/Duplex
Capacity: 5 tot 300 m3/h
Head: max. 40 mvk.
Landustrie RVS onderwaterpomp

  Landustrie info Vortex pumps 620 kB 
  Landustrie info submersible pumps 716 kB 
  Landustrie setup submersible pumps 689 kB 
  Data DWP22-10BB-U tm DWP22-41DG-U 742 kB 
  Data DWP42-20BJ-U tm DWP42-41DZ-U 563 kB 
  Data DWP62-41LI-U 330 kB 
  Landustrie DWP Manual 1.686 kB