Landustrie model DWP

Landustrie pompproductie sneek
The Landustrie DWP submersible pump is equipped with a vortex impeller. This is the principle of a centrifugal pump where the impeller rotates in the rear of the pump housing, free from the suction plate and hydraulics. Three more names have been used for this principle, this is the whirlwheel pump, whirlwheel impeller pump, pump with free-flow impeller or pump with retracted impeller. The DWP is available in a large number of models in various designs and configurations. 

Material: Cast Iron
Capacity: 5 tot 500 m3/h
Head: max. 110 mvk.
Landustrie pomp model DWP

  Landustrie info Vortex pumps 620 kB 
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