Landustrie model DSP

Landustrie pompproductie sneek
Normaly you need a large free passage for pumping waste water so that contaminants do not block the pump. If you have only small quantities to transport, a pump will soon be too large, even if there are also large distances to be bridged, with high pressures as a negative result. For this purpose, cutting pumps have been invented, which cut the contamination into small parts so that they leave the pump via a high pressure impeller without clogging ore demaging the pump. (pump at work)

Material: Cast Iron with hardmetall cutter
Capacity: 5 tot 45 m3/h
Head: max. 45 mvk.

  Landustrie info cutter pumps 499 kB 
  Landustrie info submersible pumps 716 kB 
  Landustrie setup submersible pumps 689 kB 
  Datasheets DSP22-04BB tm DSP22-05DA 716 kB 
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